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Activated carbon is 100% natural product with the shells of coconuts, a renewable raw material. The activated carbon is a very porous material, characterized by a ‘ huge internal surface . If we opened flat just 2 grams of activated carbon, we would get an area the size of half a football field (2,000 square meters or even more)! Thanks to special physical forces , the odorous substancesbind very efficiently and stably activated carbon . This simple principle is called “van der Waals forces.” Thanks to the enormous surface that characterizes it and the forces of van-der-Waals forces, active carbon is able to absorb great effect an incredible amount of odors simultaneously . The activated carbon is used in the home, with success, for a long time: in fume hoods or in the anti-odor filters of refrigerators, water filters, in insoles for shoes, etc. 
White Color : Diseases of the kidneys often affect cats. Normally, you can quickly recognize observing urine. If the litter box is white, urine suspect you notice immediately. For Biokat’s classic White EXTRA, is used clay pure white. A particular property of our white clay is the extraordinary absorbency, which makes this litter so effective.

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