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Pavo SpeediBeet is a high fibre feed made from unmolassed sugar beet pulp. The flakes are subjected to a patented cooking process to produce a complementary feed that is – quick soaking – and ready to feed – in 10 minutes. Tasty, handy and healthy for every horse.
Pavo Speedibeet does not contain starch and has a sugar content of only 5% ! This makes it an ideal feed for horses who are sensitive for sugar.
Pavo SpeediBeet contains a high proportion of soluble fibre, mostly pectins, which are more easily digested than the fibres found in other forages like hay. This makes Pavo SpeediBeet an outstanding source of slow-release energy, perfect for competition horses. Pectin has a prebiotic effect stimulating the growth of healthy bacteria and supporting intestinal health.
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Pavo SpeediBeet is categorized as forage and contains no added vitamins or minerals. If you only feed Pavo SpeediBeet in addition to your other forage, we recommend that you add a balanced vitamin & mineral source such as Pavo SummerFit or Pavo Vital.
Please note: Speedibeet must be soaked before feeding it to your horse. Make sure that you store it in a safe place where any loose broken horse cannot get to it.
Feeding tip: Many horses have to get use to the taste because Pavo Speedibeet contains little sugar and no molasses. Mix speedibeet the first day with your regual concentrate, or add a little bit Pavo SlobberMash. After a few days you can reduce it if desired.
Important characteristics
• Healthy roughage fibres with prebiotic effect
• Support intestinal health
• Exceptionally low sugar content (5%), molasses free
Pavo Speedibeet fits in the ration of horses with:
• Sensitivity for sugar
• A poor condition
• Senior horses with poor dentition – as a partial roughage replacement
• Competition horses horses – as a slow release of energy and water supply in hind gut
Feeding advice
• Advice as healthy addition: 50 gram per 100kg bodyweight per day.
• Maximum feeding advice as a partial of roughage: 400 gram per 100kg bodyweight per day
• Preperation: Mix 1 part Pavo Speedibeet with 3 parts water, after this mix well and wait for min.
10 minutes. The product is ready to feed.
Calcium 0,7 %
Phosphorus 0,1 %
Sodium 0,24 %
Potassium 1,14 %
Magnesium 0,3 %
Guaranteed analysis
Energy (DE) 12,0 MJ/kg
Energy (EWpa) 0,83 EWpa
Energy (ME) 9,9 MJ/kg
Dig. crude protein 4,2 %
Crude protein 8,3 %
Crude fat 2,1 %
Crude fibre 16,0 %
Crude minerals 6,2 %
Sugar 5,0 %
Starch 0,0 %
Feeding advice:
Bodyweight adult horse
200 kg
400 kg
600 kg
kg / day
kg / day
kg / day
as healthy addition
0,1 kg
0,2 kg
0,3 kg
Horse with a condition residue or dental problems
0,8 kg
1,6 kg
2,4 kg
mix up 1 part SpeediBeet with 3 parts water