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  • Brand: PetAg
  • Fermacto Feed Additive for Poultry
  • Size: 10 Kg
  • Helps to pro­mote gut health for antibi­ot­ic-free feed­ing strategies
  • A Better Way to Healthy Growth
  • Ideal for Antibiotic-Free Feeding Strategies
  • A Smarter Alternative to Yeast, Probiotic and Enzymes
  • Feed-Mill Friendly
For poul­try and swine, Fer­ma­c­to™ feed addi­tive sup­ports health­i­er, faster grow­ing ani­mals, result­ing in more prof­its for you. It com­plies with GRAS stan­dards, and unlike oth­er feed addi­tives, Fer­ma­c­to con­tains no live cells, enzymes or antibi­otics. Derived from the myceli­um of Aspergillus sp, Fer­ma­c­to works by help­ing to build a healthy, sus­tain­able GI tract microflo­ra gen­er­at­ed by the ani­mal itself.