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A high-quality stud feed providing essential nutrients to the unborn foal and supporting milk production after foaling. Pavo Podo Lac has been specifically formulated to provide vital nutritional support to mares during pregnancy and lactation. High quality proteins provide the optimal amounts of essential amino acids such as lysine and methionine for optimal tissue development. Balanced levels of vitamins and minerals are provided alongside chelated trace elements to further support correct bone and collagen development in the foal.
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Brand : Pavo
Size : 20Kg
Quality protein
Follows the proven Podo concept
Extra vitamine E and Beta-carotene to boost fertility
Keeps mares in optimal breeding condition and encourages a maximum milk yield
Correct calcium/phosphorus ratio for pregnancy and lactation
Highly digestible chelated trace elemens
Copper, zinc and manganeses for optimal bone & cartilage development in the foal
Ingredients :
Wheat,Wheat feed,Soya hulls,Toasted soy beans,Barley,Cane Molasses,Rape seed meal,Oats,Lucerne (alfalfa),Linseed,Soybean oil,Vitamin – minerals.