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The top-quality to satisfy your cat’s palate: 100% natural ingredients, free of preservatives and added colorings; only the best parts of the fish, steamed and processed by hand, with preparation in tasty jelly.
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The Schesir brand has always represented the very best quality natural products.
 100% natural ingredients, of the same quality as those used for human consumption.
 Free from colourings, appetising additives and chemical preservatives.
 Hormone-free chicken and fish caught in the open sea.
 Careful selection of the very best parts of the fish and meat, steam-cooked and hand-processed.
 Utmost care in the preparation of health, appetising recipes.
Additives Vit. A 1325 U.I. Vit. E 15 mg Taurine 160 mg Composition Tuna 51% algae (Porphyra spp) 0.02% Rice 1.5% Analytical Constituents protein 12% crude oils and fats 0.8% crude fibres 0.5% crude ash 1% moisture 85% 72.7 kcal/100 g Recommended For Adult, Short Cat