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SKU: 076344116349


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  • Brand: Wellness
  • Core Signature Selects Flake Tuna & Salmon
  • Size: 79g
  • Pack of 12
Wellness Core Signature Selects Flake is a natural and complete food for adult cats , with added vitamins and minerals . A high protein food with meat or fish and a taste and texture that your carnivore can’t say no to. The food is also grain-free .
The Signature Selects contain a complete and balanced meal for your cat available in 3 forms , namely fine shreds ( Flaked ), thin strips ( Shredded ) or tender cubes ( Chunky ) . All served in a tasty sauce . The high content of meat or fish ensures a healthy and shiny coat and the food is easily digestible . The healthy fats, vitamins and minerals ensure that your cat gets all the nutrients she needs.
Wellness Core Signature Selects is completely hypoallergenic , it contains no grains, wheat, gluten corn, soy, dairy and no artificial fragrances, colors or flavors . A delicious meat-rich meal that your cat will thoroughly enjoy.