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Pavo FoalMilk is an excellent replacement for mare’s milk, for orphan foals or foals whose mothers are not producing enough milk. Mare’s milk has a special composition with a high sugar content. Cow’s milk is very different from mare’s milk, which makes it less suitable for foals. Pavo FoalMilk is geared to the specific composition of mare’s milk and thus provides for the needs of orphan foals. Foals reared on Pavo FoalMilk develop normally and are a match for foals that are fed by mares.
  • Brand : Pavo
  • Size : 10 Kg
  • Complete mare’s milk replacement
  • Specially formulated for horses
  • Easy to us
  • It is ok to warm the Pavo Foalmilk in a microwave
  • All Items Top Best Quality
  • 24/7 Support
Ingredients :
Skimmed milkpowder, Whey powder, Palm oil, Glucose

Preparing 1 litre of foal milk 

  1. Take a pan with a capacity of at least 1 litre.
  2. Put 300 ml of cold water in the pan.
  3. Top this up with 400 ml of boiling water. This gives you 700 ml of water with a temperature of around 60 °C.
  4. Add 1 scoop (= 100 grams) of Pavo Foal Milk powder and stir until completely dissolved.
  5. Add 300 ml of cold water, stirring constantly. This gives you 1 litre of lukewarm foal milk (temperature around 40 °C).
Feeding tips :
  • If the foal isn’t keen to take the foal milk, you can stimulate its appetite by brushing some sugar over its tongue. 
  • Don’t force the foal to feed by bending its head backwards. If you do, it can’t swallow properly and there is a risk of milk ending up in the lungs. 
  • Maintain good hygiene. Make sure hands are clean before preparing the milk and rinse the teat, bottle and drinkers thoroughly after use.