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SKU: 8714765902821


  • Brand: Pavo
  • Hay Chunks
  • Size: 14 Kg
  • Made of German meadow hay
  • Grain-free and molasses-free
  • Especially tasty
  • Low sugar content
Horses really need their fibre- in the wild they spend up to 16 hours a day munching on it. If your horse is in the barn, it doesn’t have the ability to forage, which can lead to unwanted behaviours. Is your horse bored? Does it spend 8 hours or more in the stable? These treats provide a nice distraction!
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Pavo HayChunks: Healthy Fibre Snacks for Horses
The Pavo HayChunks are an ideal supplement to the daily fibre your horse needs. The chunks are pressed into rolls the size of a beverage can. Only meadow hay from German mountain pastures is used for the chunks.
The unfertilized, organic land guarantees the best quality, making it suitable for all horses and ponies. The Pavo Hay Chunks are also good for horses that are sensitive to sugar or are overweight.

Put the chunks directly on the ground, in a trough or in a small hay net. The harder you make it for your horse to get at the chunks, the more time they’ll need to eat them, keeping them occupied for longer.

How to use:
  • Put the HayChunks directly on the floor or hide them in the horses’ normal hay as a surprise.
  • In a trough: put the HayChunks directly into the feeding trough to calm your horse before feeding.
  • In a hay net: put 3-4 HayChunks in a mini hay net. You can hang them up alone or fill the net with hay too.
  • Offer your horse a HayChunk directly from your hand as a snack or as a reward after work.
A container of Pavo Hay Chunks contains about 56 pieces (14 kg). If you feed your horse 4 chunks a day as a snack, 1 container is sufficient for 14 days.
Feeding recommendation:
The chunks are ready to eat and do not need to be soaked in water.
  • Daily use: feed your horse 1 to 4 Pavo Hay Chunks in addition to its normal fibre feed
  • Maximum: do not exceed 4 chunks a day (= 1 kg)