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Pavo SlobberMash is a full-fledged concentrate that is easily and quickly prepared with hot water. The high proportion of pure linseed gives the coat of your horse a splendid shine. Pavo SlobberMash is easily absorbed and provides a fast recovery after a lot of effort or illness. It supports bowel function and healthy digestion.
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Ingredients : wheat bran,rolled oats,Linen cake,purified oats,sugar cane molasses,Corn, puffed,Barley, puffed,linseed,wheat bran,soybean oil,Vitamins & Minerals
Minerals and trace elements (per kg) :
calcium 0.8%
phosphorus 0.5%
sodium 0.5%
potassium 0.9%
magnesium 0.5%
copper 20 mg / kg
iron 90 mg / kg
zinc 100 mg / kg
manganese 80 mg / kg
selenium 0.35 mg / kg
iodine 0.5 mg / kg
cobalt 0.5 mg
Important characteristics :
  • Full concentrate, rich in vitamins
  • With a high content of pure linseed and additional vitamin C.
  • With bran for a stable digestion
  • Supports the change of coat and gives the horse a healthy glow
  • Light preparation with hot water, ready to eat
Application : 
  • Older horses
  • Fast recovery after effort and illness
  • Horses that like healthy treats
  • Horses, the z. B. bad at competitions
Feeding advice :
  • Approximately 0.2 kg per 100 kg body weight a day
  • Mix 1 part of Pavo SlobberMash with 1 part of hot water. Stir well and let cool slightly (lukewarm)
  • The daily amount depends on pasture and work
  • A full Pavo feed bucket contains approx. 0.6 kg Pavo SlobberMash