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8 sticks, 72 grams
These chewy beef sticks come in a pack of 8 delicious treats. Chew sticks benefit oral hygiene and teeth strength as well as helping keep gums healthy at the same time. Their delicious beef flavour is 100% natural and extra tasty for your dog. Suitable for all breeds, we recommend not to give to dogs under 4 months old.


Beef  (55%), beef hide, plant-based proteins, starch, vegetable glycerine, sorbitol.

Analytical Constituents (%):

Crude protein 65.0%
Crude fat 3.0%
Crude fibre 2.0%
Crude ash 3.0%
Moisture 18%
Dietary advice
These chewy sticks by Pets Unlimited are a dog treat and not suitable to replace your dog’s daily nutrition. These treats are suited for daily consumption. Monitor your pets while they eat and always make sure they have access to enough drinking water.