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Schesir Dry Food For Small Dogs – Small Adult Rich In Lamb 800 G

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Schesir Dry food for small dogs – Small Adult Rich in Lamb 800 g

Schesir Dry Line is prepared with natural ingredients* with the addition of vitamins and minerals to meet the nutritional demands of any breed of cat throughout the different phases of its life, maintaining its wellness.

A Schesir recipe whose main ingredient is lamb, the single animal protein source: a delicious, complete and balanced food that’seasy to digest and meets the nutritional needs of adult small dogs of all breeds.

Lamb is the main ingredient in this recipe

Lamb is the single animal protein source

With brewer’s yeast and biotin for the well-being of coat and skin

No added preservatives or colours

Easy to digest

Contains a special blend of aromatic herb extracts working in synergy for an antioxidant effect

Complete and balanced recipe to meet the nutritional needs of adult small dogs

Our nutritional formulation is approved by the Department of Veterinary Medical Science at the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna

Cruelty free

The portion sizes indicated refer to the dry product only, and may vary according to the specific needs of your animal.

Weight g/day
3-5 kg 60-80
5-7.5 kg 80-110
7.5 -10 kg 110-140
10-12.5 kg 140-160
Pregnancy 150
Lactation As required