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Schesir Natural Selection Dry Food For Sterilized Cats -Turkey

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Contains pea fiber , a natural , specific and selected ingredient that reduces the caloric content of the ration , and is useful for the good functioning of the intestine . To help the neutered cat maintain its ideal weight , the fat content is lower, compared to Natural Selection Delicate products.

4 out of 5 cats prefer Natural Selection to their usual product! *

* This figure refers to a sample of 400 cats who tried Natural Selection. Their owners, members of the Schesir VIP Club, have chosen to participate in our test.

Turkey as the first ingredient

With dry extract of blueberry, to promote the general well-being of the urinary tract

With pea fiber, to help the sterilized cat maintain the right weight

NO GRAIN FORMULA: formulated without cereals and gluten

Complete and balanced product for the nutritional needs of sterilized adult cats

Produced in Italy

100% recyclable packaging

Formula nutritionally approved by the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences – Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna

Weight 350g, 4.5kg Additives protein 35% crude fat 12% crude fibers 5% crude ash 9% kcal / 100 g 360 Composition 21% transformed turkey protein, transformed chicken protein, tapioca *, peas *, brewer’s yeast *, purified animal fat, 3% pea fiber *, beet pulp *, cellulose *, hydrolyzed animal proteins, flakes of potato *, minerals. Analytical Constituents Vit. D3 U.I. 1114 Fe 109 mg (iron (II) sulfate, monohydrate) Cu 10 mg (copper (II) sulfate, pentahydrate) Mn 30 mg (manganese (II) oxide) Zn 117 mg (zinc oxide) I 3.2 mg (anhydrous calcium iodate) Se 0.3 mg (sodium selenite) DL-Methionine 297 mg L-Carnitine 208 mg Taurine 1010 mg


350 g, 4.5 kg