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SKU: 076344118596


  • Brand: Wellness
  • Core Can 95% Chicken with Duck Wet Dog Food
  • Size: 400g
  • All natural wet dog food grain free, sugar free, gluten free, wheat free
  • Naturally hypoallergenic dog food wet: No soy, no dairy, no artificial flavours, additives or preservatives
  • Wet dog food tins with high meat content & only 2 clearly defined protein sources (chicken & duck)
  • Dog food cans with delicious pâté & pieces of healthy veggies, complete and balanced dog food
  • All Items Top Best Quality
  • 24/7 Support
Naturally balanced
More meat, less carbs, moderate fat and no fillers! That’s what we believe in. The balance of protein, carbs and fat is very important to avoid lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes and digestive problems. A higher protein level doesn’t only deliver the energy the dog needs, it also supports a lean body and healthy muscles. Our 95% recipes are fortified with vitamins and minerals, to make sure that your dog gets all the important nutrients he needs.

Excitement with every meal

Your dog isn’t no longer excited when you give him his food? Boring is in the past! Wellness CORE 95% offers a variety of flavours and textures. From lamb to chicken & duck, the six different flavours make sure your dog gets the variety he needs and makes every meal into a feast.


We believe that recipes with low levels of grain-free carbohydrates really is the best for our dogs. A too high concentration of carbs can lead to digestive issues, because the short digestive tract of our dogs was not made to digest these. We use wholesome, grain-free carbohydrates from potatoes, fruit and vegetables. These serve as the main energy source and contain crude fibres that support digestion.

No fillers

All of our recipes are free from fillers, artificial colours and flavours. Thanks to its limited ingredient recipe, our 95% makes up for the perfect alternative for allergic or sensitive dogs.

Why Wellness CORE 95%?
Our Wellness CORE 95% are delicious recipes that provides a natural, complete & balanced meal: made with 95%* fresh meat combined with tasty veggie pieces. 
Grain-free, single protein source and fortified with vitamins and minerals to ensure your dog has the nutrition he needs to thrive from the CORE. 
*95% animal origin ingredients from a single or double protein source
Your dog’s well-being starts from the CORE
Since 1926, we’ve been passionately crafting all natural, high-quality and balanced nutrition that doesn’t just taste amazing, but also takes care of your pet from within. We believe that your dog’s well-being starts from the CORE. That’s why all of our Wellness CORE recipes are balanced and grain-free the right way: meat-rich and therefore protein-rich, with moderate fat contents and low carbs, leaving out artificial colours, flavours, additives and preservatives. We simply pick the best ingredients from nature, so your furry friend can thrive from the CORE. We have learned that overall well-being begins from within. Choosing this same well-being for your dog is the best thing you could possibly do. We only want the best for our pets, right? So see and feel the Wellness CORE difference for a healthy and happy lifetime together.
COMPOSITION: 85% Chicken [56% (Hearts, Livers, Meat, Necks, Chicken Fat), 29% Chicken Broth], 10% Duck [Hearts, Necks], 4% Carrots, 1% Minerals.

Vitamin D3 200 IU, Zinc as Zinc sulphate, monohydrate 25 mg, Manganese as Manganese(II)-sulphate, monohydrate 1,4 mg, Copper as Copper(II)- sulphate, pentahydrate 1,0 mg, Iodine as Calcium iodate, anhydrous 0,75 mg.


Protein 10,1%;
Fat Content 5,2%;
Crude Fibres 0,4%;
Crude Ash 2,5%;
Moisture 80,0%.