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2.24 kg
Schesir Natural Selection Adult Small And Toy Size Dry Food-Turkey

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Schesir Natural Selection – Complete and balanced food for small and toy adult dogs, rich in turkey, without grain, for intestinal well-being and odor control


Apple: thanks to the fiber of the apple, a nutrient for the intestinal flora, it helps the intestinal cells to better absorb the nutrients present in food. Apple fiber is found in all Dry Dog foods, combined with other functional ingredients depending on the age or size of the pet, and with different meats and starch sources

Cassava: Cassava extract helps reduce intestinal protein fermentation; in this way, the development of molecules that give strong odor to feces is avoided. Cassava is found in all the foods of the natural selection l feed line, combined with apple fiber and different meats and sources of starch.

Grain-free product, formulated without cereals and without gluten

Weight 490g, 2.24g Additives Vit. D3 U.I. 1114 Fe 109 mg (iron (II) sulfate, monohydrate) Cu 10 mg (copper (II) sulfate, pentahydrate) Mn 30 mg (manganese (II) oxide) Zn 117 mg (zinc oxide) I 3.2 mg (anhydrous calcium iodate) Se 0.3 mg (sodium selenite) DL-Methionine 297 mg L-Carnitine 208 mg Taurine 1010 mg Composition 22% of transformed turkey protein, tapioca *, peas *, purified animal fat, transformed chicken protein, brewer’s yeast *, beans *, potato flakes *, hydrolyzed animal proteins, beet pulp *, 1% of apple fiber *, cellulose *, minerals. Analytical Constituents protein 30% crude fat 18% crude fibers 4% crude ash 9% kcal / 100 g 380


2.24 kg